Horror / Suspense/ Eerie / Scary /

It’s Lurking Inside Them Suspsenseful, Subtle, Hi Strings, Vocals, Eerie Piano Melody

Just a Murder eerie, unsettling.

The Bracelet Intense, Flute Effects, Dark, Danger

There’s Something Out There Suspense, Tension, Growing Intensity

Witchcraft Thematic, Twisted, Eeire, String Melody with Hybrid Elements

Picture Album Scary but also emotional

Restore 1 horror. dark magic. whispers, electronic

Different Desires Twisted, Hybrid, Piano

I’m NOT a CVS Threatning, Scary

Mystery Woman Suspense, Horror, Chase

Haunting Theme Melodic, Eeire, Emotional

Desert Atmo Ambient, Pulse, Unsettling