Adventure / Fantasy/ Mystery

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The Flying Ticket  Orchestral, Animation

Furry Friendships Orchestral, Adventure, colorful

The Big Nothing – End Credits Orchestra+ Electric guitars, percussions

A Million Years Ago  Choir, Epic, Mysterious, Super Natural to Emotional

Heart to Heart Convo  Magical, mysterious, emotional, thematic, orchestral, vocals

He Was Here the Whole Time Orchestral, Curious, Mysterious, emotional, interesting harmonies.

Jellywish (Animation)   Orchestral + Piano and vocal, Animation

Run-Go Adventure, Jazz, Comedy, orch

Witchcraft Whichraft, Waltz, Tension, Twisted

The Big Nothing – Main Title Orchestra+ Electric guitars, percussions

Bumpy Ride Adventure, Orchestra, Hi-Speed

The Adventures of Thomasina Sawyer – Main Title Orchestra+ Electric guitars, drums, bells

Security Features Action, Car chase from comedy, drums, guitars, flute

Oops – Adventurous Comedy


Wide Spaces of the Arctic (Documentary series)

New Zealand’s Guide to Tessering Performed by the Hollywood Chamber Orchetra

Colors of The Reef

The Purple Octobo