Folklore / World Music / Ethnic

Don’t Mess with the Russians- Balalaikas and Guitars, Eastern-European flavour.

Somce Ancient Ceremony- Vocals, Drums, a bit unsettling

Herschel – Klezmer, Jewish, Clarinet, Comedy

Genie in a Bottle- Balkan/ Arab. Comedic.

Shoplifting Arab/ African oriented, Oud, Kantoor

Keep Your Enemies Closer -Italian Mafia vibe, comedy, chill.

You’re Beautiful Arab, Oud, Kantoor

Na Na Nai Nai Nai Yo Yo Yo Yo yooo Jew-ish, comedy, light

Are You Worthy?- Middle Eastern. Upbeat. Electro.

Zhangjiajie Asian. Epic.

New Neighbours -Klezmer, party, accelerating tempo

Shabechi Yerushalaim -Jewish, prayer style, vocal, drone

Russian Folk medley from Behind The Blinds

Zellowmenizm Tribal. Ambient.

Subconscious Folkolre- Eastern European. Upbeat Electronic. Sound Design.