Drama – Indie/Small Ensemble


Sol & Rain (So(u)l) – Bitter-Sweet. Dramatic. Piano driven. Viola Solo.

Job Search – Dramedy, Sad but somewhat Positive

Better Days – Positive, Hopeful, Light, Guitar-based

Beverly Hills Goes on Strike- Disappointed, Low Key, Pads, Flutes, Guitar

Cat Heaven Pads, piano, bells, guitar. from Passage (Dramedy)

Rose’s Routine (from Miss Arizona OST) – Guitars, Mellow, Lonely, Clean

Offers for Breakfast – Dramedy, Bitter Sweet, Upbeat

It’s Hers (Lisa and Elaine Backstory) – Waltz, Simple, Loving, Bitter Sweet

Carol – Calm, floating, ambient, piano, builds with strings.

Divorce Papers – Delicate, A little Sad, to Hopeful, Rhythmic, Ukulele

Bright Future Ahead Bright, light texture

Emergency Room – Guitars, somewhat downhearted

Greatest Mom On Earth – Sweet, Drama Underdialouge, Family, Simple

Irena’s World – Synth-based, piano melody, simple, dramedy

An Alien Synth-based, piano, atmo, bitter-sweet

Clear Day – Subtle, Hopeful, Ukulele, piano getting into rhythmic, ride cymbals

I Wanted to Be Dead Sad, synth, undertones, super simple piano melody.

Life-Changing Decisions – Dark, Heart-Beat style.

Nylon Bag Electronic, bittersweet.

Nature Remains Lonely. Empty. Frozen.

And Just Like That Calm, positive, under-dialogue

My Son (Called Home)- Cello Solo. Slow. Expressive.

Don’t Want You Here Minimal under-dialogue, un-tuned guitars.

Girl or Boy (So(u)l) – Drama. Sensitive. Nostalgic. Childhood memory.

I Am The Sun (So(u)l) – Expressive, Sad, Break-point, Flashback

Better Not Talk About It (Called Home) – Cello Solo. Emotional. Piano and Strings.

Lipstick (Silhouette) – Sad, regretful. Strings, Synths, Trumpet.

Closeup (Girl in Her Twenties) – Dramatic moment (Underdialouge)

Expectations (Girl in Her Twenties) – Sensitive, Underdialouge

I Hope He Comes Out Retarded – dramatic speech, victorious vibe.

Home (Beginnings) Warm, Gentle, Simple,

Simple Drama (Until The End, Amir) Simple, Sad but Lightened

Youth Photo Album – Childlish, Nostalgy

My World Without Him (Until The End, Amir) – Heart Breaking, Tragedy