Commercial Music

Heroes Motors Commercial – Epic, Orchestral, Guitars

American Parkinson Disease Association PSA – piano, acoustic guitar, rhythmic, strings

When I’m Out – PSA, light, emotional, hopeful, piano, acoustic guitar, rhythmic, strings

Ruslan FM Vodka – ad, poker game, EDM style, guitars, synths, heavy electronic drum, music production

RUSLAN VODKA TVC HD 60sec from director Eelum Dixit on Vimeo.

Apple Pie – Tutorial background music, Ukulele, bells, catchy melody. rhythmic. guitars.

The Consulting Offer End Credits News Style

Brownies – Tutorial background music. Guitars, bells / hi end keyboards, rhythmic.Catchy melody.

A New Way Of Life – PSA, dreamy, acoustic guitar + drums, guitar, strings.

Top Shorts – Festival Promo, full blown orchestral Hollywood style

Green Chicken Curry – Tutorial background music, Ukulele, guitars, bells, shaker. Catchy melody.

Grilled Vetables -Tutorial background music, guitars, hi end keyboards. Catchy melody.

Pad Thai Tofu – Tutorial background music