Drama – Orchestral Style

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God Can Handle Your Anger Choir, Dramatic, Spiritual, Emotional, Pads, Piano

Strings of Hope Emotional, Sensitive, Resolution

Love is in the Air Orchestral, emotional, melodic

The Cave Vocal, Inspirational, Hope, Strings

This Day Forward – Main Title Agitated Viola opening, Melodic, Orchestra + Vocals, Hopeful

Cooking Classes Dangerous. Flute, Piano

Goodbyes Sad, Mourning. String Orchestra. Dramatic. Epic.

Inspirational Soup- Building, driving, orchestral

Enthusiastic Uplifting, Spiritual, Ethreal, Building… Flute, Oud, Cello.

Emotional Theme Variation Emotional, Melodic, optimistic colors

I Am The Sun Strings, Sad, Piano

Meet Julie Allbright Bright, Family, Hopeful, Piano Melody

Reconciliation Spiritual, Resolutioning, Acceptance, Forgiveness. Cello, Flute, and glittering sounds.

So Proud of You Full of Hope, Epic, Victorious, Underdialogue

But Then I Got Married Impressionist, Longing, Sentimental, Nostalgia, Piano based, minimal

Over The Wall Emotional, Minimal, Melodic

Darline’s Theme Gentle, Feminine, Harp, Woodwinds.

You Did It! Inspirational, Hopeful, Martial, Big.

Top Shorts – Festival Promo, full blown orchestral Hollywood style

Good Practice (And The Tiara Goes To…) – Film Opening. Main Theme. Family-Drama.

Stubborn and Realistic Sad, emotional

You Gotta Save The World Serious, String Orchestra.

Welcome to the ARCTIC Positive energy, big

Badly Constructed Sad, growing.

The Toy Maker (End Credits)- Periodic, WWII drama

Look at All This Ice

Resolution (Mitzvah) Periodic, Holocaust drama, kinda Hopeful

Fire Escape (Other Halves) Eerie, Soundscape, Electronic + Strings, dramatic

Great Drama (Behind The Blinds) – Big Hillarious moment (Comedy)