Action / Thriller

Special Baguette Delivery  Espionage, Tension, Action

No Dogs’ Land  Orchestral, omnious tension, goes to theme

International Waters  Spy thriller, action

Spacecrafts Chase  Traditional Orch, Energetic Chase, goes into brass theme

Die for the Cause  Thematic, Cinematic, Hybrid, Dark, Energetic

Taste of Sucess Pulse, Action, Cool

Instagram Action, tension, dramatic, orchestral, epic

I’m NOT a CVS Threatning, Low Pulse, Tension

A Sleepless Night Airy, Eeire, Tension

Pay Day Away Drones, Undertones, Sneaky, Ambient-ish

Invisible Synth, Thematic, Pulse

It’s an Order Subtle pulse, Investigative / Procedural Beat, Under-dialouge.

Impending Attack Threat, distorted, pulse, scary, dark, braaams

You’re Under Arrest Susepensful, action, dangerous, low pitched guitars, building.

GPS Tracking Device Pulses, dark, tension, spy, distorted

Rock Fight Action, strings and brass texture

A Sleepless Night 2 Flute, A bit emotional but tense