Ambient / Under Dialogue / Docu

Airy Spiritual – Airy, Drones, floating melody, documentary/drama

You’re Gonna Have God Mad At You – guitars, fast paced subtle, documentary/drama

June 25th – Celebratory, Strings, Growing, Texture, Climaxing

The Hawaii Case – Textural, Harp, Keys, Pulse

The Unfortunate Sisterhood – Contemplative, Pads, Sweet Melody, documentary/drama

Lolly’s Waltz Waltz, End credits, inspirational positive vibe

Break Down – Aggitated / Angry, Beat, Drive, Energy, Orchestral Low-pitched

Although I Want a Lot Longer – pizz strings, pads, melodic but simple, optimistic

Why Does This Happen – Airy electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synth, and much space.

Pasta Gentle, Subtle, Cosy, Flute, Melodic

You Must Protect Yourselves – Tension, Textural, Energetic, Pulse, Dramatic

Color My Desicions (Amanda’s Intro) – Bells, Contemplative, Pads

More Mons – Intro to rhythmic harp, drones underscore, religious vibe

Holly Simplicity – Meditative. Relaxed. Calm. Ocean vibe.

It’s Hers – Waltz, Simple, Underdialouge.

The Kitchen Case – Minimal, Positive, Pizz Strings

The Fight – Uneven beat, Textrual, Mysterious but driving, growing into aggitated

Clear Day -Subtle, Hopeful, Ukulele, piano getting into rhythmic, ride cymbals

10th Circuit Court of Appeals – Strings, Hopeful

The Fight for Marraige Equality – Pulse, Melodic, Dramatic, Cello Solos

Time Frame – Lonley, Sad, Pads

Yoga Sisters Waltz, Minimal, Positive

Ignoring Consitution – Driving but minimal, piano, dreamlike

Big Bubble – Rhythmic, ethereal, senses of wonderment

SYN – Main Title Synth, Mysterious, Ambient, Immersive

Deeper Connection Ambient, Mysterious, Romantic, Sasd

Montreal – rhythmic, energetic, underdialogue

Mother Ocean– Uplifting, Guitars driven, energetic. Optimistic.

Eternal Moment Atmospheric. Sci-fi. Little melody.

Here and Now. Ambient Bitter-Sweet. A little sad. Repeating Motive.

Another Room Sound designy, Ambient, Bed, Atmo

Fire Escape Eerie. Sad. Emotional.

In Class Subliminal, Simple, Optimistic

Air Piano, Hopeful, Airy

The Mattress Sad undertone, subliminal

I Got To Be Her Wife – Positive, Hopeful, Pizz, Strings, Calm, Religious