Tension / Dark / Suspense

Turnaround – Tension, Pulse

Impending Attack Threat, distorted, pulse, scary, dark, braaams

Witchcraft  Tension, Twisted, Melodic

Invisible pulse, thematic, mysterious

The Assistant -fast pulse

It’s an Order Subtle pulse, Investigative / Procedural Beat, Under-dialouge.

Instagram -fast pulse

Perfect Couple -thematic

Different Tone, Underneath

Whatever It Takes Grim

SYN -Main Title Sci-Fi Thriller, Synths based, ambient

Open Season Experimental, Painful, penetrating, going to sad.

Taste of Success – Actiony, Pulse

Just a Murder eerie, unsettling. Sound design vibe.

More Than a Misunderstanding scary, chase, action

Guest/Ghost House – haunted, eerie, twisted

Stay for Dessert twisted, melodic. Second part dramatic

Cold-Hearted, Elegant Douchbag

Piece of Brad/Bread

He’s Gonna Call