Comedy / Rhythmic

For additional Dramedy Samples, mainly simple guitar+piano based, check out Dramedy World

Don’t Mess with the Russians- Balalaikas and Guitars, Eastern-European flavour, dark comedy.

Stockholm -whimsical, traditional orchestration

Fuck You Chris sneaky, rhythmic, growing intensity

Universal Morning Assignments – Cool, Groove, Tense, Minimal

Best Sleep I had In Years – Quirky, teasing, thematic, guitar, minimal

Not The Best Career Choice – guitar, balalaika, rhythmic. Comedy theme

What’s Behind Curtain Number One – Spy Thriller comedy, rhythmic, wha-wha guitars.

Location Scouting! – sneaky but fun

A Dead Cat – Fun, un-tuned guitars – comedic, less busy

Huck’s Theme (FULL) – Fun, energetic, un-tuned guitars

Behind The Blinds – Main Theme – russian, mafia vibe, balalaika

At Last’s Main Theme – Quirky

First Through the Door – Teasing, Electric guitars, Action-Comedy

My Crown & Sash – Fun, whimsical, Melodic, Synths, Piano

Say Thanks & Shut Up! – rock/pop vibe- guitars, drums

Ready To Go – rock vibe- guitars, drums

Same Same But Different – (BTB Soundtrack) – feel good vibe, quirky, fast tempo

Keep Your Enemines Closer -Italian Mafia vibe, comedy, chill.

Ask Yourself comedy underscore, guitars

Break For Lunch -blues, riff

Don’t Forget To Smile

No Transphobia in Space Folkish, acoustic guitar + whistles, feel good vibe. SIMPLE

Texting Sexting – electric guitars, ukes, underscore.

Silly Melody melodic, piano, flutes, bells

Light Tense – percussion, tension

Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yochai Sneaky, comedy under-dialogue

I Love Ice Cream – Romantic Comedy, Pads, electric guitars, piano

Job Search – serious moment from Passage (Dramedy), piano, bells, acoustic guitar, pads

A World Made of Pasta – Synth from The Big Nothing (Israeli TV series)

She Lived Alone – kinda french vibe, catchy melody

Hot Lesbian Orgy – bells, silly catchy melody

Daria’s Variations – untuned flute elements, pizz, underscore, outta-space twist, from The Big Nothing (Israeli TV series)

The First Supper – End Credits – Jazz, Swing style, Flute Solo, with a Christian twist (Church Organ)

Gluten or Non Gluten – orchesral RomCom theme

I’ll take Care of You – sweet, RomCom underscore

Champaigne – quircky melody, piano, with some tension, oomza-oomza beat

Almost Magical Moment – traditional orchestration, woodwinds, pizz string, whimsical

Talk About This And That -pizz strings, guitar

Pearl Gettin’ dressed – Old fashion jazz

Comedy Underscore

It’s About Time – pizz strings


Great Fight with cheerleaders!

That’s It – Minimal Comedy under-dialogue scoring

I’m Thinking To Go Blonde Comedy underscore, pizz strings, harp, etc…

It’s Date Night! – under dialogue, clarinet, traditional orch