(In)Visibile, is a unique film written & directed the talented, full of charisma filmmaker Rosser Goodman.
Rosser initiated the project in order to spread awareness, inclusion and diversity for those with disabilities. Disability needs visibility.


(In)Visibile is special also because everyone on board, cast & crew, contributed their time and talents:
Actors Bryan Dilbeck & Nina Bergman who gave beautiful, compelling performances with great chemistry between them.
The legendary cinematographer Brad Rushing , the highly skilled producers Sara Ataiiyan & Dawn Mallory, and the prolific costume designer and fashion designer, Oneita Parker, to name a few. I composed the music.
The project was initially developed for the Disability Film Challenge and was completed in 48 hours. After winning the Best Filmmaker Award, editor Renee Barron came on board to re-cut a festival version, which we are currently working on. More updates coming soon!

Here’s some of the music that I wrote for it:

Different Tone Underneath


Visit The Disability Film Challenge Website.