And All That Jazz…

Waggish  Electro – Swing

Piano Jazz Piano Solo

Upper West Side Swing, transition

Break For Lunch Blues, Riff

Seize The Day Jazz Violin, old style swing, chill, laid back

Jazzy application Energetic, lively, Fast Beat

You Wouldn’t Believe My day Laid back, Swing

Another Day at the Office Laid Back, Cool, Saxophone

Another Quote Jazz Violin, old fashion, chill, laid back

Rungo  Orch Jazz, Adventure, Comedy

Pearl’s Morning Old-Style Jazz, Trumpet

I could be Jesus Swing, Flute, Comedy

Can’t Eat Here Blues, variation

Central Park, NYC Swing, transition

So Much In Common Background jazz bar music

For Old Times’ Sake Old fashion swing/rag, trumpet, animation

Same Same But Different Good vibe, Quirky, Uptempo, Playeful

The Mad Hatter Bossa Nova

That is Magic – performed by Cydney Davis

Lounge Cocktail Music Trumpet lead

Childlish Dance Light dance, child-like

Silhoette Burlesque music