3rd Episode of Contacts, the comedy webseries I’m working on, is now out!
This time, it deals with Instagram: How do we look when we upload a photo to Instagram?

*English Subtitles Available (Setting: Captions). Make sure to watch in HD!

שיחות יוצאות, פרק 3: אינסטגרם

איך אנחנו נראים כשאנחנו מעלים תמונה לאינסטגרם?אינסטגרם – הסרט!שיחות יוצאות – פרק 3יוצרים: ניר ברגר, יוגב יפתפרק 1 (וואטסאפ):פרק 2 (טינדר): version (English subtitles available):

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Watch the previous episode, Tinder:


behind the blinds poster

Behind The Blinds – the comedy series I had the pleasure to work on, will premiere on Feb 11th 2016. I can’t wait to share it! Created by Anna Skrypka, Charles Ancelle and Adrian Morales Ramos.

The series follows two Eastern European mobsters who decide to produce an independent film to launder money. The comedy soundtrack includes many different styles: Russian traditional themes, romantic moments, Mafia-style threatening music, some tribal music, expressive emotional moments, techno, and more exciting surprises. The score was recorded using LA’s best musicians, including balalaikas and guitars performance by the legendary Andrew Synowiec.  

Check out Behind The Blinds AKA Filmmaking 101 Facebook page and subscribe to ASCA Films youtube channel 

behind the blinds actors

And The Tiara Goes to… , A short film by Melissa Hoppe produced for American Girl company
I composed the score: