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SO(U)L & Called Home @ OUTFEST Film Festival

Super excited to attend the screening of two shorts I composed for: SO(U)L, short film directed by Alyssa Griego,
and Called Home, short film directed by Jason Piemnoppakao, at OUTFEST film festival

Here’s a taste of SO(U)L’s score:


(IN)VISIBLE WINS THE FILMMAKER AWARD @ The Disability Film Challenge

(In)Visibile, is a unique film written & directed the talented, full of charisma filmmaker Rosser Goodman.
Rosser initiated the project in order to spread awareness, inclusion and diversity for those with disabilities. Disability needs visibility.


(In)Visibile is special also because everyone on board, cast & crew, contributed their time and talents:
Actors Bryan Dilbeck & Nina Bergman who gave beautiful, compelling performances with great chemistry between them.
The legendary cinematographer Brad Rushing , the highly skilled producers Sara Ataiiyan & Dawn Mallory, and the prolific costume designer and fashion designer, Oneita Parker, to name a few. I composed the music.
The project was initially developed for the Disability Film Challenge and was completed in 48 hours. After winning the Best Filmmaker Award, editor Renee Barron came on board to re-cut a festival version, which we are currently working on. More updates coming soon!

Here’s some of the music that I wrote for it:

Different Tone Underneath


Visit The Disability Film Challenge Website.

AT LAST nominated for best original score @ HCFF 16′

AT LAST, a film by Anna Skrypka and ASCA FILMS, is doing really well on festivals. I’m happy to annouce that my score was nominated for Best Original Score @ Huston Comedy Film Festival. So honored!


At Last’s main theme. Enjoy!


I’m excited to have been invited by Jacques Thelemaque, the president of the Los Angeles film collective Filmmakers Alliance, to take part in the Post Production panel of the upcoming film-master class. I’ll share some thoughts and tips on how to add music to your film effectively.

Strings of Hope – final mix

The score for Strings of Hope, a movie by Eva Merz, is now completed and mixed.

Special thanks to the amazing soloists who brought the score to life:
Catherine Baker– Flute
Aaron Smith – Trumpet
Zach Pulse – Oboe & English Horn
And Alex Rosales García – Basson

You can listen to the Main Theme

As well as another track from the movie’s soundtrack – Inspirational Soup

Visit String of Hope’s website


There’s always a special place in my heart for Israeli filmmakers. I was more than happy to be on board when Adva Reichman, my dear friend and collaborator, wrote & directed a touching, beautiful film – SILHOUETTE- as part of her MFA studies in film directing at USC. In her film, Adva successfully deals with the difficult subject of breast cancer, and finds the right tone and balance for creating a delicate drama that leaves the audience emotionally moved.

SILHOUETTE premiered in May 16′, and I can’t wait too see what Adva will be directing. She is going to be BIG one day.

The score of Silhouette was recorded by following great musicians:
Aaron Smith – Trumpet
Jen Schwartz – Violin
Mike Lis– Guitar
Ana Barreiro – Drums
Yours truly- Piano

Here’s a sneak peak from the soundtrack:

Between Shifts – Completed

Between Shifts, written & starred by Jaime Saginor and directed by Lysandra Petersson. Oh how I love projects that are all about GIRL POWER, both in story and in production.
These kind of films and filmmakers WILL change the world, and I’m so thrilled to take part in that!!!

This picture is from the cast & crew private screening:

And here’s one of the songs we recorded for the movie, performed by talented Cydney Davis

Mother, Mother Ocean wins BSTEM Project’s Competition

Our documentary short, ‘Mother, Mother Ocean’ has officially been named WINNER of the BSTEM Project’s competition 2016! Both the judging team’s finalist, and the Audience Award Choice.

The film, created by Jamie Morrow & Christine Kilmer brings to light the issues of single-use plastic: As we go on with our lives, be conscious of the amount of throw-away plastic we use, and how we can avoid them. The health of the ocean is imperative to the health of the planet…
I was happy to be part of the team, both in music & well, it was also my first-on-screen appearance.


Behind the Blinds – Comedy Series

I’m very excited to share the two first episodes of Behind the Blinds. We had a wonderful premiere at Raleigh Studios! Episodes will be released every Thursday, 9:00am PST.

Contacts, Episode 3: Instagram

3rd Episode of Contacts, the webseries I’m working on, is now out!
This time, it deals with Instagram: How do we look when we upload a photo to Instagram?
*English Subtitles Available (Setting: Captions). Make sure to watch in HD!

שיחות יוצאות, פרק 3: אינסטגרם

איך אנחנו נראים כשאנחנו מעלים תמונה לאינסטגרם?אינסטגרם – הסרט!שיחות יוצאות – פרק 3יוצרים: ניר ברגר, יוגב יפתפרק 1 (וואטסאפ):פרק 2 (טינדר): version (English subtitles available):

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